Best Places of Interest in Medan

Medan, a city in Sumatra Island, Indonesia, is a great place to visit for your dream vacation. This city provides various tourist activities, natural beauty, cultural education, and culinary trip that you can enjoy to relieve your stress and add your knowledge. Some of the places of interest in Medan that you can visit during your tripwill be elaborated on the following paragraph below.

There are a lot of places where you can enjoy your holiday in Medan. Some of them are listed below:

  • Enjoying the beauty of Sipiso-piso waterfall: this waterfall is considered as Indonesia’s tallest waterfall with 800 m height above sea level. The water comes from an underground river. The beauty of the scenery offered by the waterfall will surely calm your mind. You need to climb down a bit to admire the waterfall at close distance. You can even see a rainbow on the falls if you are lucky. To enter the waterfall, you need to pay approximately 1 dollars.
  • Enjoying foods at Garuda Restaurant: for those who wish to taste the quintessential Medan cuisine, this restaurant is the best place to visit. There are some Garuda Restaurant around the city and you can just go to the closest one with your stay. The main menu of this restaurant is the infamous Nasi Padang or Padang Rice. The restaurant’s staff will provide you a plate of rice and around twenty small dishes with different sauces, vegetables, fish, and curries. The highlights of these dishes are spicy eggplant, potato cakes, and beef curry or better known as rendang.
  • Admiring the nature at Bukit Lawang: this place is a rehabilitation center for orangutan, which helps captive orangutans to readapt themselves to wildlife. You can even see some red-hair primates enjoying their meal in this area if you are lucky. Other than primates, you also have a chance to see other wildlife, including Sumatran tigers. However, you may need to trek the forest for at least a week to get a higher opportunity to see them. You need to pay 3 dollars if you want to bring your camera during trekking.
  • Strolling around the Kampung Keling: you may mistake yourself to be in India if you visit this area. There are a lot of shops in this area that sell Indian jewelry and colorful saris for souvenirs. You can also have a culinary trip in this area with its various Indian restaurants that serve conventional Indian cuisine. You can also go to Sri Mariamman Temple, a temple constructed in 1884, which boast a wonderful color mix. The ornate carvings on this temple are something that you cannot find in Medan anywhere else in Medan.

The paragraph above already give some of the popular places in Medan that you can visit during your short trip. If you wish to explore all the beauty of this city, you may need more time. However, the places mentioned above should be a great representative of what Medan may offer to its visitors.

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